Community Involvement Program

The first of its kind

During our time experiencing and working at luxury safari lodges in Southern Africa, this idea of an immersive conservation experience, paired with a world-class safari, was born.

Time and time again, guests would ask about the work being done in the communities and how they could support it. Many organizations offer a day trip or a half-day trip into the community to see some of the work being done – but very few have sustainable programs that you can fully immerse yourself in, participating in the on-the-ground work that the organizations do and witnessing the larger impact of the program.

Impactful partnerships

Actually Africa has set out to change that through our partnership with Lessons in Conservation (LiC), a youth-led environmental education NPO working to instill a love for conservation in the hearts and minds of children.

Together we have partnered with select lodges in Botswana and Malawi, with a view to expanding into more African countries, to be 'base' lodges for our Community Involvement Program. These partnerships mean that as a guest, you will have the best of both worlds while participating in the program.

LiC has established an environmental education program in the communities near our base lodges and has ongoing training with guides and staff from the lodges to deliver fun, interactive conservation lessons to the primary school children as a part of their school program – and this is what we are inviting you to be a part of.

The lessons are elementary, and you, as a guest, can be as involved as you would like. Still, we often see guests getting increasingly involved as you start to see how things unfold.

From our past experiences, we know that the children will benefit, and we also know it impacts the lives of our involved guests. After two days of building a relationship with the children, you might realize that you, the teacher, often leave the lessons having learned the most.

Be as involved as you'd like

What your day would look like

Your safari is tailored to include the best of both worlds, we want you to experience the luxury that your base safari lodge has to offer while enjoying the immersion with the Lessons in Conservation team on the ground, touching the lives of future conservation champions.

Head back to the base lodge in time for lunch to enjoy an afternoon and evening of lodge activities & leisure time.

Join the team on a lesson day and help teach fun and interactive lessons on conservation.

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast at your base lodge before a transfer to meet the Lessons in Conservation team in the community.

We'd love for you to participate in our community involvement program, but if that's not your cup of tea, rest assured knowing that a large portion of the cost of your safari is donated to Lessons in Conservation regardless.

We donate 15% of every dollar we receive to Lessons in Conservation.

Let's build your dream safari

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